Crypto Trading
Made Simple

Bring professional trading tools to everyone by providing a simple yet powerful drag n'drop Crypto trading strategy builder and a complete Marketplace.

Welcome to the family! platform is in early access since August 30th, 2018.
Free to use until January 2019.

What You See Is What You Trade

With our WYSIWYT™ flow-based technology you can intuitively create your own automated trading strategies.


Drag n'drop functional blocks to create strategies whether simple or advanced.


Proof-test your strategies with real market data backtesting or live simulation.


Unleash your trading strategies that will operate 24/7, rest, get profits.


Share your winning strategies or use community-made ones from the Marketplace.

powerful tools make your trading profitable

but powerful

Use drag & drop to create your strategy with no coding skills.

Pro mode

Tradingview integration and technical analysis blocks: keys to success.

Live Simulation

Use top-notch simulation features to validate your strategy before it goes live.


Rent proven strategies to increase profits or monetize them.


Discuss, share, learn with other traders from the community.

No subscription

You only pay for what you use. Backtest and Live simulation are free!

Create your own strategy

Create your own strategy for a personal use or provide it to the community.


Create, edit, test, trade: Improve your profits

Simple logical operators, markets indicators, value triggers, enhanced technical analysis, social media sentiments analysis and deep-learning predictions.

Rent proven strategies

Pick up a proven strategy in the Marketplace, benchmark it and play with it.


Pick up and play the strategies you need

You don’t feel like creating your strategy? Just select the one you need in the Marketplace. Run it and generate profits.

Monetize your strategy

Publish your strategy on the Marketplace, set up a price and get revenues.


Share & monetize

Thanks to the you can monetize your strategies. Set up a renting price and publish your strategy, every time a user will use your strategy you’ll get revenues.

Gathering Collective intelligence!

Because trading together will make us smarter…

Growing community

Share, debate and contribute to the discussion with other traders to see your newfound knowledge lead to better trading strategies.

Fair economy

Build, test and improve your strategies for free. Fair pay-per-use model for live-trading.

Strategy hub

Share your strategies with the community and generate passive incomes, or use shared strategies to increase your earnings

Agnostic Trading platform will support the major exchanges allowing each of its users to benefit from the service over its entire portfolio.

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